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Graphit Kropfmühl

Since its foundation in 1916, Graphit Kropfmühl and its global production sites have been synonymous with outstanding raw materials expertise. Innovation, market proximity and an absolutely customer-centric approach have helped us become a trend-setting graphite refiner. Our leading position as an international graphite specialist is both a motivation and obligation in equal measure. 

A strong focus on research and development ensures that our product range is continuously optimised. On the basis of state-of-the-art and quality-conscious advanced technology and in an intensive dialogue with customers and partners, we develop high-quality specialist products. With around 500 employees worldwide, we are a global operating company headquartered in Kropfmühl. With a view to securing the supply of raw materials, we hold shares in mines in Europe, Africa and Asia.

Since 2012, we have been part of AMG (Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.). As a global specialist for critical materials, AMG N.V. has a leading position in technologies and high-value products to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. The group's production sites are located in Germany, Great Britain, France, the Czech Republic, the USA, China, Mexico, Brazil and Sri Lanka.

Company history

  1. Until 1870

    Peasant graphite mining in the Lower Bavarian Forest.

  2. 1870

    Start of industrial graphite mining in Kropfmühl near Passau, Bavaria. 

  3. 1877

    Patent of "graphite refining process".

  4. 1916

    The company is converted into a public limited company.

  5. 1956

    Use of state-of-the-art process technology for the production of highest purity grades - up to 99.98%.

  6. 1965

    Raw material supply is secured by means of a Joint Venture (50%) in Zimbabwe.

  7. 1966

    Branch in Wedel near Hamburg is build up for the handling and storing/mixing of imported raw materials.

  8. 1980

    Acquisition of the Edelgraphit GmbH, Bad Godesberg, a manufacturer of lubricating and separating agents on graphite basis.

  9. 1985

    Expansion and modernisation of the micronizing system in the Kropfmühl plant.

  10. 1993

    ISO 9001 certification of the plants in Kropfmühl and Wedel.

  11. 1997

    Introduction on the stock exchange in December 1997, regular market Frankfurt.

  12. 1998

    Acquisition of the RW silicium GmbH, Pocking, the only German manufacturer of high-grade silicon.

  13. 1999

    Acquisition of an interest (75%) in Maziva Týn, Czech Republic, a producer of purified graphite grades as well as lubricants and graphite dispersions. 

    Acquisition of an interest (20%) in Bogala Mine, Sri Lanka.

  14. 2000

    Increase of the participation in Maziva Týn spol. s r.o. to 99% and securing of additional raw material sources in China by way of the Joint Venture Qingdao Kropfmuehl Graphite Co. Ltd.

  15. 2001

    Expansion of research and development activities for the graphite sector.

    Increase of the shareholding of Bogala Graphite Lanka Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka, by 60% to 80%.

  16. 2002

    Establishing of competence centre for graphite at the Kropfmühl location.

  17. 2004

    Increase of the participation in Bogala Graphite Lanka Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka to 88%.

    Successful launch of special battery graphite grades - so-called SGB graphite grades - on the market.

  18. 2006

    Increase of the shareholding of Qingdao Kropfmuehl Graphite Co. Ltd. to 100 %.

  19. 2007

    Name change of Maziva Týn into Graphite Týn.

    Increase of shareholding of Maziva Týn, Czech Republic to 100 %.

  20. 2008

    80% of GK shares were bought by AMG N.V.

  21. 2012

    Graphite mining recommences in Kropfmühl.

    Increase shareholding AMG N.V. in Graphit Kropfmühl AG to 93.59% followed by merger squeeze out of minority shareholders to AMG Mining AG.

  22. 2014

    Hive-off of graphite business back to Graphit Kropfmühl GmbH.

  23. 2017

    Change of legal status from AMG Mining AG to AMG Mining GmbH.

  24. 2018

    Expansion of the production capacities and investments in the Kropfmühl site.

AMG (Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.)

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