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Graphite - incredibly versatile.

Due to its unique properties, graphite is a versatile raw material used in many different industries. 

Resistance to oxidation and temperature stress

Its excellent degree of crystallisation makes graphite highly resistant to oxidation, cyclic temperature stress and to most chemical agents. This makes graphite ideal for applications in refractory and chemical materials. 

Outstanding conductivity

The thermal and electric conductivity of graphite stems from its free electrons. The size and orderliness of the crystallites is key in determining this property. 

Excellent lubrication properties

Graphite has excellent lubrication abilities due to the large distances between layers in the crystal lattice which are connected by weak forces. Graphite demonstrates its strengths particularly impressively in the face of high temperatures and pressure.   

Formation of intercalation compounds

The bonding strength between the layer planes allows the intercalation of certain molecules within the graphite lattice. This intercalation ability allows the application of graphite in flame protection and batteries.



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