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Graphite tailored to fit.

Due to the unusual physical and chemical properties, graphite guarantees that various construction-related and formed parts work efficiently. It is also incredibly flexible in this respect, as almost all geometric shapes and variations can be produced. 

formed parts made to measure.

We produce tailored formed graphite parts based on individual drawings and measurements. Isostatic or moulded synthetic graphite of various specifications can be used depending on the application. Modern software allows us to transform drawn sketches in CAD to 2D or 3D designs and implement these right down to the smallest detail. Our specialisation on individual production and small series production allows us to deliver on your wishes quickly and flexibly. 


Following the production process, our formed graphite parts go through a stringent screening procedure, as tailored products also require tailored quality control. Extensive experience, limitless care and attention, state-of-the-art production sites and processes ensure top-notch product quality and reliability. 

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