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EDM Spark Erosion

To ensure the raw material supply, we benefit from a long-term relationship with Nippon Kornmeyer Carbon Group GmbH and their outstanding raw material qualities in the area of machined parts for EDM spark erosion. 

The graphite blocks are processed according to your individual requirements on state-of-the-art machines at our headquarters in Kropfmühl near Passau, Germany. Thanks to efficient machining options and a permanent stock of raw blocks, we are able to guarantee flexible and swift delivery times.   

24 H Custom Cutting Service

Sawed pre-cut parts ordered by 12 noon will be dispatched by express delivery on the same day.


Customised plates and rods are available in your required dimensions, milled flat on one or both sides on request. This allows you to react swiftly and flexibly, saving on time and costs (cutting loss) in the process. 

Rectangular rods

Rectangular rods milled on all sides - with or without chamfer - suitable for all common holding systems. Off-the-peg or custom cut to your required lengths, available ex stock at any time. 

Electrode box


On request, we deliver pre-cut parts up 100 mm in length in a practical box made of stable EPS. One box contains 48 units with a 25 x 25 mm profile or 108 units with a 15 x 15 mm profile.

Head electrodes

The shaft, which is milled on all sides, is produced according to your specifications in different lengths as well as with or without chamfer for all common holding systems. The cut head allows you to design larger electrodes on this holding system. We are also happy to offer head electrodes with round heads.

Electrodes with drilling patterns

Reduce time and material costs with customized electrode blanks! We supply you with electrode blanks and compatible drilling patterns for all common holding systems in your required dimensions.

Rib electrodes / Round rods / Custom-made products

Whether recurring standard electrodes or one-off products, we are happy to produce electrode blanks or components according to your specifications. It goes without saying that we can also manufacture drilling patterns, rectangular rods and head electrodes specifically to your dimensions.

3D Graphite Electrodes

We are happy to supply you with 3D graphite electrodes tailored to your requirements. Using state-of-the-art 3 and 5-axis HSC machines, we are able to realise complex geometries and sophisticated contours. We look forward to receive your inquiry!

Threaded electrodes

Threaded electrodes without a drilling measuring 75 mm in length. Based on premium graphite quality GK-900N. Available in various thread sizes from M4 x 50 to M20 x 50.

Raw material and production process

In an effort to ensure long-term raw material supply, we only procure raw materials from our long-standing and official partner  Nippon Kornmeyer Carbon Group GmbH. The isostatic pressed original graphite blocks are produced by the oldest Japanese graphite supplier Nippon Techno-Carbon Co., Ltd.

The raw materials are of the highest standard and have been used to great success for many years in the EDM spark erosion industry. Thanks to this close partnership, we are able to guarantee flexible and short delivery times, and have excellent storage capacities at our production site in Kropfmühl.


Nippon Kornmeyer Carbon Group GmbH:


Vintes-Technology, Riva presso Chieri, Italien:


VDWF - Verband Deutscher Werkzeug und Formenbauer e.V.:

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