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Functionalizing for the future.

In general, functionalization of carbon with different groups like oxygen, carboxyl, amine, amide and fluorine can drastically change the surface properties of graphite. Normally, graphite, due to its hydrophobic and inert nature, is difficult to disperse and bond. 

Adding free radicals to the surface of the carbons can: 

  • exfoliate sheets. 
  • enhance particle segregation. 
  • improve dispersion. 
  • enable tailored interactions.

plasma processing

„Functionalization“: high energy electrons generated in the plasma can „split“ or disassociate molecules into their components. These charged particles readily bond with a surface.

„Cleaning“: Reactive electrons and ions bombard the material surface removing contamination.


Functionalized graphite/graphene:

  • better interfacial bonding strength.
  • better dispersibility.
  • prevents the heat transfer to the substrate to avoid
    the decrease of the body strength.
  • better surface activity.
  • links much easier to other chemical groups.
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