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Live better with graphite.

GRey EPS - nice and cosy with graphite.

With the help of graphite technology, the most efficient insulation material on the market has now got even better. As part of a special process, graphite particles are worked into the foam structure of conventional white EPS (expanded polystyrene). This “grey” EPS offers outstanding graphite properties like infrared radiation and therefore heat reflection.

This boosts insulation performance by up to 20%. Grey EPS is particularly well suited to buildings with high energy standards, such as low-energy or passive houses, or buildings aiming to achieve the best insulation levels with limited space, such as renovated old structures.

drywall panels - beat the heat with graphite.

Modern buildings often lack traditional storage mass and therefore cooling becomes a necessity. Cooling ceilings are a particularly effective solution in this case. They offer the option of heating and cooling “gently” with low energy requirements. High-performance drywall panels make surface temperature regulation systems even more energy efficient. Gypsum plaster regulates the room atmosphere and offers excellent fire resistance. 

Meanwhile, a graphite core provides outstanding thermal conductivity abilities. The panels combine both properties and therefore achieve a heating conductivity rating of 0.45 W/mK that far exceeds the performance of thermal panels used to date.

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