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A special type of graphite.

This type of graphite can be particularly easily moulded and combined with other materials, e.g. copper. It can be found in battery cells, carbon brushes, in powder metallurgy, plastic applications, flame retardant materials and lubricants. “Vein graphite” extends through rock like veins.

It is graphite in its most natural form, and something rather special. Formed by hydrothermal liquids, vein graphite exists with a purity of up to 99.5% in its natural state underground. It consists of needle-shaped particles, which are the secret behind this graphite's special properties. Due to the varied particle sizes up to centimetre-sized lumps, the range of vein graphite products is highly diverse. 

Part of the value of this special type of graphite stems from its limited occurrence. At the start of the 20th century, the world economy was only supplied with vein graphite from Sri Lanka, so-called "Ceylon Graphite". This is still the only country where the material is commercially extracted today. 

The Bogala Mine, where Graphit Kropfmühl is the main shareholder, supplies the world market with the lion's share of this type of graphite. We offer the best vein graphite in various forms - from course lumps to fine powders. 

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